CURTAIN CALL by Russell Janney


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Nearly eighty, the Old Manager dreams of the plays, the stars and the world he has known before he was forced into bankruptcy six years earlier. When a check for $2,000 comes in repayment of an old debt, he is off to produce a fabulous new show. For the Old Manager thinks it is a $200,000 windfall and rounds up all his old associates. As he tours the theatrical world many he has known and helped offer assists for the new show, others promptly make way for his production and he relives the days of fame. At the theater that night it is he, when fire breaks out, who is the one who averts a panic and is killed. For those who remember the ingredients of the earlier The Miracle of the Bells this will be perhaps familiar territory, in its theatrical-cum-inspirational methods.

Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce