MEET JOE ROSS by Russell Leslie Dicks
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No name is better known in the field of pastoral counseling than Russell L. Dicks, professor of pastoral care at Duke University, Divinity School, and author of Art of Ministering to the Sick, Who is My Patient Comfort Ye My People, and other books in this field. Meet Joe Ross is another book on personal counseling, but with a difference. Joe Ross is a part of the many persons with whom the author has talked during twenty-five years as hospital chaplain, pastor, counselor and teacher, Joe is a normal man with the same joys and problems most readers will recognise in themselves. The chapters of this book are conversations between Joe and the chaplain as they talk about the tensions and worries which make up Joe's problems. In the process, Joe learns to think through those questions which most people leave unanswered, to their own discomfort and anxiety. This book will be most useful, not only to these who counsel people in trouble, but also to troubled people who would face their own problems. It deserves as wide a reading as may be commanded for it.

Publisher: Abingdon