A BREAK IN THE CLOUDS by Russell Thacher


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Russell Thacher who wrote an appealing novel of adolescence- The Tender takes that giant step to tell the story of Rick Dedrick, his girl, his friends, his family, during a brief but decisive period after he has washed out of flying- in the Navy- for his failure to bring his plane in, which resulted in the death of another pilot. Rick, who is still unsure of himself and trying things on for size, must decide whether he will go back to the Navy and fight for his reinstatement or settle for a soft OCS admission his father- through influence- can secure; he is privy to the personal situation between his parents, and his mother's fear of an operation to come; and he learns that Nance, whom he loves, ""nothing solid to land on"" while looking for that ""break in the clouds"".... Perhaps not important, but a likable hero and a vulnerable situation in identifiable terms.

Publisher: Lippincott