SEVEN IN A BED by Ruth A. Sonneborn


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Seven in a bed is one long sleepless night until Papa, despairing, has the four boys and three girls choose places by lot; and this time, intimidated by Papa or too tired to stay awake, they fall asleep in a row. ""But next morning. . .JUST LOOK"" -- they're scattered about like pick-up-sticks. A casual joke maybe, but the build-up is affectionate and recognizable: Papa greets Mama, baby and seven children (newly arrived in America) at the airport, shepherds them on bus and subway (almost losing a child and a coconut), settles them, with a floor picnic, in the one room that's an interim home. Since the city may be seen as New York (on the title page) and the family is Spanish-speaking, there's extra involvement for a few. But anybody will laugh at least once at any seven in a bed.

Pub Date: Sept. 3rd, 1968
Publisher: Viking