THE CAT AND MOUSE WHO SHARED A HOUSE by Ruth -- Adapt. & Illus. Hurlimann
Kirkus Star


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An uneasy housekeeping arrangement between a cat and mouse who have hidden a communal crock of butter in the church begins to go wrong when the cat slips off three times to attend christening parties for his godchildren, leaving the shy little mouse at home to ponder why the kittens have been named Top-Off, Half-Gone and All-Gone. The cat's deception comes to a typically Grimm (and easily anticipated ending) when the mouse discovers the empty crock and protests. ""One more word out of you, and you'll be all gone yourself!"" shouts the cat, and sure enough, ""no sooner had she said it than the cat pounced on her and ate her up. For cat and mouse can never really be friends."" Hurlimann's sly, slightly surreal portraits of the poor but faintly ratlike mouse (as she sits home alone reading and checks the calendar of saints' days for those unorthodox names) and the immense, tiger striped cat, whose green eyes leer out from every page, keeps the relationship on a down to earth level while preparing us to accept the cat's drastic solution to his domestic problems with less shock than satisfaction.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1974
Publisher: Walck