THE TWELVE DANCING PRINCESSES by Ruth--Adapt. & Illus. Sanderson


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Last year brought forth two picture-book editions of this story: Carter's graceful retelling, embellished with Dalton's courtly yet spirited illustrations, was preferable to Mayer's pretentious rendition. As a result of curiosity piqued by the use of the same names (Michael and Lina) here and in Carter's version, it can now be reported that both (plus Mayer's uncredited book) are based less on the Grimm to which they are credited than on a French parallel as retold in Lang's The Red Fairy Book (1890, uncredited in any of the three and--for all we know--predating Grimm). Actually, all three are closer to being simplifications of Lang than elaborations of Grimm. Sanderson's is the most straightforward, unembellished version; her formal, realistic yet romantic paintings are attractive and skillfully executed but leave little to the imagination. Acceptable for any collection that needs still another lush rendition of this old favorite.

Pub Date: April 2nd, 1990
Page count: 32pp
Publisher: Little, Brown