OUR ARABIAN NIGHTS by Ruth and Helen Hoffman
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The twin authors of We Married an Englishman continue their adventures in living. They are still in Iraq, they are still collecting pets. They hunt for a house and furnish it; they are in the mob riot when the British consul is murdered, they give parties, they spend a holiday with the Sumer tribe in their summer encampment, at the invitation of Sheikh Fulan, and learn first hand about tribal feuds, camelraids and the life of the harem. And when war is declared in September, they return to ""our husband"". There's a nice sense of observation keyed to a feeling for the ridiculous, and a sensitivity about being foreigners in a land of bizarre customs. And, without any feeling of staleness, the story recaptures the charm and originality and entertainment of the previous book. So it ought to be easy selling.

Pub Date: March 7th, 1940
Publisher: Carrick & Evans