A MATTER OF MONEY: What Do You Do With a Dollar? by Ruth Cavin

A MATTER OF MONEY: What Do You Do With a Dollar?

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Cavin's superficial survey of the mechanics of money moves rapidly from a bare outline of the barter-wampum-bills evolution to a discussion of the Federal Reserve and how it regulates the amount of money in circulation by changing the interest rate it charges; and the basic economics passed over en route never does get explained. Too much space is devoted to incidentals (the layout of a dollar bill or a checking-account statement), none at all to concepts broader than credit or inflation (which is indifferently defined). Cavin's last chapter includes a readable historical introduction to the New York and American (formerly Curb) Stock Exchanges and how they grew, but there are entire juvenile books on the stock market which include the same stories with more fundamental information.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1978
Publisher: S. G. Phillips