A HOLIDAY WITH ERIC by Ruth Daggett Leinhauser
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There are some good depictions of scene and character here in an unpretentious but very warm little story of Pamela and Diana Nesbitt's final acceptance of their English cousin Eric who has come to spend a year in America. Averse to the idea of having to stay the summer at their Grandmother's where Eric will be at first, the girls are even more put out when their parents want them to decide whether or not they like Eric well enough to have him live with them in New York while he goes to school during the winter. Eric's genuine niceness doesn't solve the problem either. Diana, especially, just plain doesn't want him. But when she finally agrees, conscience stricken, it is Eric who turns the tables saying he'd rather go to boarding school anyway so he can report to the boys back home about it. Funny and objective.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1957
Publisher: Ives Washburn