A WOMAN FACES THE WAR by Ruth Drummond


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A group of letters, some of which appeared in the L.H.J., written by a woman living in Bedford, England, from the time of the September crisis (1939) through the conquests of Poland, Finland, Denmark down to the present. The letters show the effects of war on the civilian front, as Mrs. Drummond combats rising panic and loss of courage. This is a job for every wife and mother. She tells how she protects her four children, how she sustains a sense of security, how she copes with a vastly changed way of living, how she solves the new problems of the home. Evacuees, refugees, air raids, rationing, gas masks -- all these details make intimate, poignant reading. Mrs. Drummond is wise and courageous, her children are most engaging. But -- does the public want to see how people on the field of war are living? So far, it seems not. But it will come.

Publisher: Kinsey