THAT BOY NIKOLKA: And Other Tales of Soviet Children by Ruth E. Kennell
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THAT BOY NIKOLKA: And Other Tales of Soviet Children

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The crying need for authentic material on modern Russia for this age level should guarantee a market for this big twenty five cents worth. We hope that the effort will be made to secure the book (or pamphlet one should say), and for public libraries it definitely justifies binding. It is an exciting collection of short stories about boys and girls in the U.S.S.R., varied themes, good handling of war material, minimum horror but ample stimulation of imagination and understanding. Excellent regional material with good story interest. Three of the stories appeared in Story Parade; one will be in a forthcoming volume. The illustrations have been done by Frank Dobias, Kurt Wiese, and Rafaello Busoni. The book will be sold through all Russian War Relief chapters.

Publisher: Russian War Relief