THE WORKING PRESS by Ruth- Ed. Adler


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Anyone with Walter Mitty-esque fantasies about the working press will be satisfied by this book, which features byliners popping up all over the globe in the process of getting their stories, which go from the tragic to the comic--from Tom Wicker covering JFK's assassination to Meyer Berger on the Lady Bishop, religious copy queen. New York Timesman (they all are) David Halberstam summed it up from Elizabethville while the Katangese fought the UN forces--""We had a fine story marred only by two big problems, listed here in no particular order: getting the story out and staying alive."" That is often the size of it and, although more catchy than consequential, the news buffs will like it.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1966
Publisher: Putnam