NEW YORK: The World's Capital City by

NEW YORK: The World's Capital City

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The story of New York's past in relation to its present and future, this shows New York in historic perspective. Not a chronological history, but rather the aspects of development, each dealt with separately and interrelated with the others, the focus being on the last few decades, and historic developments examined only insofar as they bear on the present. Here we have a composite of New York's beginnings, its struggle for liberty and freedom from the Revolution to the present, the government and those who were active in it, the great men and their achievements in finance and business, trade and commerce, transit and transportation, intellectual life, city planning, housing, parks and playgrounds, and New York's increased importance and increased problems as capital of U.N. Well written and organized, a competent job, interesting and informative, this should command a good audience, particularly with the visitors.

Publisher: Harper