STEPHEN CRANE by Ruth Franchere
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In this adroltly executed biography of Stephen Crane, dates and facts are subordinate and supplementary to the overall portrait of the man. A talented writer, who had achieved fame in his lifetime, Stephen Crane died as he had lived, tortured and fraught with anxiety. His career as journalist, poet and novelist is traced along with the background and birth of such works as The Red Badge of Courage, Maggie: Girl of the streets and The Open . The sticky sentimentality of the popular literary works of his day was the antithesis of Crane's philosophy. His struggle to bring reality to the printed page and his personal observations of sordid poverty deeply affected his life. From the police courts of Syracuse, to life on skid row, to the bullets of Guantanamo Bay, his writings reflected his experiences, most of which are retold here with insight and understanding.

Publisher: Crowell