I GOTTA BE FREE by Ruth Hallman


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His father's been making all his decisions for him, so maybe it's no wonder that seventeen-year-old runaway Jay lets vicious Lee Johnson lead him straight into a robbery trap--otherwise Lee's right: he looks pretty stupid. Before Jay winds in and out of jail and back home, he's had a brief romantic brush with Lee's fifteen-' year-old sister Linda, who calls time in a white bikini, and--with a nudge from friendly Detective Mason--comes to his own Big Decision: no more basketball or college-prep to please Dad, he's a born repairman. Could be, though that's the first (beyond a bike-chain adjustment) we've heard of it, further evidence that this latest Hiway series entry is a put-up job that kids with some mother wit will be the first to see through.

Pub Date: Oct. 24th, 1978
Publisher: Westminster