THE NEW BABY by Ruth & Harold Shane


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There's a real need for a book which explores some of the basic anxieties and insecurities connected with the arrival of a new baby, and this does not attempt to go below the rather superficial handling of the problem, with Mike, who locks, in the pictures, about two years old. He is told that the baby is coming, in very matter-of-fact unsentimentalized way (all to the good); he is prepared for giving up his bed by the arrival of a present, a new almost-grown-up bed for him; he has a vote in the baby's name. Valuable hints to handling the situation- and after all the other psychological problems may belong in a book for parents. The drawings, by Eloise Wilkin, are uneven in appeal. Ugly adults disturbed our small readers (as well as their mother).

Publisher: Simon & Schuster