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A GOOD MAN AND HIS GOOD WIFE by Ruth Krauss Kirkus Star


by Ruth Krauss

Pub Date: Sept. 12th, 1962
Publisher: Harper

How the good man cured his good wife of a bad habit will surprise and delight most audiences. The good wife's bad habit? Boredom with things as they were- and the resultant drastic changes that ensued. "This is ridiculous", shrieks the good man when his clothes turn up in the attic, his favorite chair in the bedroom, his fishing rod in the broom closet. "I'll settle this once and for all." Shoes on his head, socks on his ears, coat on his legs, pants on his arms, tie around his knees and spectacles on his elbows, the good man crawls down to breakfast and proceeds to butter his napkin and wipe his face with a biscuit. The shock is traumatic- and the good woman takes the cure. Marc Simont's one color funny pictures bring out the heartiest humor in Ruth Krauss' new book.