LILI MARLENE by Ruth L. Yorck


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The somewhat tremulous, first person diary of German Liza, sheltered and unaware until after the death of her two children, she evolves from acceptance of Hitlerism to indifference and finally to resistance. After the numb apathy following the death of her boy and girl wears off, Liza becomes aware of the fact that her negativism is also blameworthy, as her husband, ""G..."", who had withdrawn from her, finally includes her in his work in the Underground. ""G"" is killed; her brother is taken by the S.S., and Liza, with Hane, an orphaned youngster whom she uses partly as a screen, goes to Munich on a mission, and is then sent across the border and shot. Primer propaganda, femininely fictionized. A trifle obvious.

Pub Date: July 16th, 1945
Publisher: Readers' Press