THREE BIRTHDAY WISHES by Ruth Langland Holberg


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More about Bob and Nancy and the Catnip Man (see The Catnip Man, 1951, p. 482) and their Cape Ann doings in a story that adjusts its focus perfectly on ten year old visions of excitement and dreams come true. With a school hobby show and a birthday in the offing, the twins start their projects. Nancy does fancy beadwork and longs to be a flower girl in a wedding. Bob wants to be a chef and takes baking lessons on the sly from chubby old Mrs. Butterfield. Meanwhile the Catnip Man,(an idol to the kids if a poor example of age), is invited to their party. He of course forlornly hopes for a wife to take care of him and feed him, and through Bob's Saturday stove sessions, gets together with Mrs. Butterfield. Beadwork and cake are hobby show hits, the party's a success and Nancy is flower girl at the Catnip Man's wedding.

Publisher: Crowell