DAMIAN AND THE DRAGON by Ruth Manning-Sanders


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Included are twenty-one folk stories from modern Greece, compiled by the author of A Book of Dragons, A Book of Giants, and several other excellent collections of folk and fairy tales. The stories are told in a direct, conversational tone which matches the cadence of the storyteller. They are all highly imaginative and unpredictable--perhaps the closest cognate to the well-known stories is ""The Sleeping Prince."" Practically all of them contain a mixture of earthy humor and fabulous detail as, for instance the story of Big Matsiha which features a hearty practical jokester and a fool who maneuvers in an elegant, richly described setting. The illustrations rely heavily on sophisticated caricatures, and tend to detract from the text. But, the stories are pictorial in themselves and will suggest additions to any storytellers repertoire.

Pub Date: Feb. 7th, 1965
Publisher: Roy