A SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH by Ruth Montgomery


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Mrs. Montgomery wrote A Gift of Prophecy, the life story of the Washington seeress Jeanne Dixon which had a phenomenal success. Now it appears that she has her own gift. And in her search for ""the deeper meaning in life"" she has come into an intimate connection with the spiritual world. It's a process she terms ""automatic writing"" and was discovered when the pencil she held began to write all by itself. Once the hot line was established her ""Guides"" (which include her father and mother among others), somewhat discouraged by her rather illegible handwriting, insisted that she take to the typewriter and it is there that they dictated a large portion of this book. Those interested in what the other world has to say will find, reassuringly enough, that they adhere strictly to Christian principles: ""Love one another""... ""Walk with God"" and, of course ""There is no death."" The author also relates various stories of psychic phenomena experienced by friends and notables...ministers, lawyers, etc. And she gives tips on how to establish your own contact. But actually, without the ""guided"" influence this could have been signed, lovingly, Norman Vincent Peale. However, it is nice to know that the pastures are so green on the other side: ""The love here is perfect, it is a process of Oneness known as Soul mating."" For a particular audience.

Pub Date: Feb. 28th, 1966
Publisher: Morrow