A FAIR WIND HOME by Ruth Moore


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This develops a definite sturdiness, once it's under way, for it doesn't stand still and covers some unexplored -- and unexploited -- territory. Lizabeth, widowed, is the mother of Edward, who has been away from home 3 years, and Nathan, 19, definitely a fledgling for experience. Betsey and Caroline Carey are also part of her household and when Edward returns, hellion and hoodlum, only Betsey stays with him. Lizabeth insists on returning the gold he has stolen from pirate Ringgold, is assisted by Francis Carnavon and both are captured. An escape (with Lizabeth losing her stays) and marriage, when Edward turns her out, and the fire at the Carnavon ship chandlery send them both with brother Mike to Somerset and Maynard Cantril, whose ship designing is tied in with a half-Indian family. Nathan too is headed that way with Caroline and the new colony is endangered by the proud, insane violence of Lemuel Cantril who dreams of inheriting the old empire. Again fire, set by Lemuel, is a factor and Maynard, in alliance with his Indian family, writes an end to Lemuel and helps the settlement through its first winter. Boston and the far away woods in a pioneering story of the early days of Candlemas Bay with a full quota of personalities and predicaments that add up to full fashioned storytelling.

Pub Date: Sept. 16th, 1953
Publisher: Morrow