MID EAST: WORLD CENTER by Ruth Nanda- Ed. Anshen


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Volume VII in the Science of Culture series which hopes to provide a formulation of a cultural directory for the guidance of mankind, this looks through the eyes of experts at the Mid East of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Taken into consideration are the Mid East as the site of man's awakening, as the spiritual center of the West's religions; the land and its products in terms of societies and material; the present situation in politics, economics, education, science and art, language and the law and religion (the last two being closely allied). Among the writers are Carleton S. Coon, Hans Kohn, Harold B. Hoskins, and other men known in their fields. This is a somewhat general statement in tone removed from the exigencies of the contemporary political situation without disregarding the elements which underly it.

Pub Date: Jan. 4th, 1955
Publisher: Harper