BEYOND VICTORY by Ruth Nanda -Ed. Anshen


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Again a symposium -- again a group of men of ideas, sharing their processes and conclusions in essays written for this volume, and in composite giving a many-faceted view of the basic problems of post-war planning, the principles of conduct, the economic and political and religious and intellectual bases, the interplay of cultures. Written in hopes of arousing people to the awareness of the rights and obligations of liberty and authority. The contributors see world organization as imperative; nations must learn what international democracy means. Internationalism involves international Institute of Education, International Labor Organization, a master principle for research, an acceptance of basic conditions for a durable Pacific peace. Among the contributors are Hambro, Margaret Mead, Hansen, Winant, Meiklejohn, Nehru, Conant, Thurman Arnold, Henry Wallace, Beveridge, and others.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace