OUR EARTH, OURSELVES by Ruth & the Staff of Environmental Action Caplan


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Environmental Action, a political action andeducation group, was founded by the organizers of the original Earth Day; Caplan is its executive director. Here, she and her staff survey the problems of global warming, air pollution, waste disposal, etc.--with some discussion of individual actions (e.g., avoid mothballs, which have been found to cause cancer in animals), but with an emphasis on community and governmental steps (""Ask your local school board to begin using solar panels as a renewable nonpolluting energy source""). Periodic inserts, entitled ""People Making a Difference,"" highlight successful environmental advocacy stories: e.g., that of Lisa Crawford, who discovered that the ""Feed Materials Productions Center"" across the street from her home was not an animal food factory, but a uranium plant--she and 18 other Fernald, Ohio, residents successfully sued for damages.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1990
Publisher: Bantam