WIRES UP by Ruth Tooze


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Wires- all kinds but especially telephone ones- are important in some unusual family adventures of the Martins of Wilmette, Ill. Bird watching is a prime activity with the Martins, and travelling engineer Mr. Martin, off on a trip to Brazil, promises his son John to be back in time to witness the March migration of the purple martins- and to keep in close touch with him by telephone during the months away. Mr. Martin makes too many long distance calls for the sake of pure sentiment, but John's Christmas, birthday and everyday home engineering and nature projects are absorbing enough. It's especially interesting when the migrating martins, at rest on the telephone wires near the house, cause a break that coincides with Mr. Martin's homecoming call so that it must be postponed till lineman can come and fix things. Again not too much fact, but the story's nice. Try it on second graders.

Publisher: Messner