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THE NILE: The Story of Pharaohs, Farmers and Explorers by Ruth Warren

THE NILE: The Story of Pharaohs, Farmers and Explorers


Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1967
Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Egypt's Nile is really two rivers, the origins of which are traced here in detail. Historically, it was the source of irrigation during Pharaoh domination and foreign rule. Modern technology takes over with the rise of the UAR; plans for Sadd el Aali, the High Dam at Aswan, had to consider archaeological preservation (the rescue of Abu Simbel) and human relocation (entire villages), until in 1964 ""Nasser and...Khrushchev together pushed the button that diverted the waters of the Nile."" Relatively little consideration of historical life along the banks and the omission of African Nilotic cultures are decided detriments; Weingarten's The Nile: Lifeline of Egypt, written for a younger audience with simpler prose, is superior in these respects, although not as up-to-date as regards the development of the Dam.