THE FRAGILE BOND: Marriage in the '70s by Ruth Winter

THE FRAGILE BOND: Marriage in the '70s

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Every day more than 15,000 people get divorced in the United States. Can the institution of marriage survive? Probably, concludes the author of this rather pedestrian book, as she takes her readers on a walking tour of modern matrimony. Supporting her points with the all too common device of first-person case history, she examines every type of marriage from traditional to liberated, and beyond liberated to certificate-less, with the influence of sex, children, adultery, and finally divorce and remarriage thrown in for good measure. Though some of her sources are mundane--Helen Gurley Brown, New York magazine--her outlook isn't always. There's a fairly enlightened section on male impotence, and a solid list of referrals for those who need sexual, marital, or divorce counseling.

Pub Date: May 20th, 1976
Publisher: Macmillan