RUTH MONTGOMERY: Herald of the New Age by Ruth with Joanne Garland Montgomery
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RUTH MONTGOMERY: Herald of the New Age

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An exploration of the psychic journey traveled by Montgomery, a journey that took her from the heights of journalistic power--feted by presidents and kings--to world acclaim as an authority on psychic phenomena, herself claiming amazing psychic abilities. As such, this is really a book about her books, for Montgomery has already left a prolific record of her discoveries and propensities. In this one, each chapter chronicles the path that gradually led Montgomery into higher psychic realms--in the process stimulating best sellers that detailed her excitement. From her first seance back in 1956 with the famed medium, Arthur Ford, 10 years elapsed before she had the courage to write about her experience in A Search for the Truth. Following that, Adelle Davis, the well-known nutritionist, introduced Montgomery into the mysteries of reincarnation, which was the subject of Here and Hereafter. Her journey continued with explorations of life after death in A World Beyond and of psychic healing in Born to Heat Montgomery, branching out from her explorations of reincarnation into experiencing her own past lives, then wrote Companions Along the Way. For most of her psychic experiences, Montgomery depended upon ""automatic writing,"" which she claimed led her pen and typewriter to write down reams of material offered by her ""guides,"" spiritual voices from other worlds. What has always lent sting and credence to Montgomery's second career is the genuine skepticism with which she let her journalistic instincts explore these new realms. For the future, Montgomery's guides have told her that we are to expect a planetary shift just before the new century, a catastrophe so great that the consequent tidal waves and brutal winds will clear the earth of untold millions of people, and will expose as sham the materialistic excesses and impulses of the past 50 years--ushering in a new Aquarian Age of peace and cooperation among peoples. Sure to do well in this world--Montgomery fans are legion.

Pub Date: May 16th, 1986
Publisher: Doubleday