FACELIFT WITHOUT SURGERY by Ruth with Vicki Lindner Jody


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Most of what's new here--the isometric facial exercises--could be contained in a modest pamphlet, but Jody's four-point system, involving body exercise, healthful diet, and basic skin care, may appeal to those interested in looking younger without resorting to extreme measures. Essentially, she introduces a series of facial exercises (grin to your hairline; pull eyebrows up and nose muscle inward at the same time) designed to firm up the skin and forestall wrinkling. The other advice is compatible with much found elsewhere: regular aerobic and calisthenic exercise, a diet based on nutritional needs--fewer calories through the years; and treatment of the skin that avoids excessive sunlight, smoking, and drinking, and requires daily moisturizing--Crisco will do. Although repetitive, the text neither gushes nor promises outlandish results.

Pub Date: March 19th, 1979
Publisher: Lippincott