I'LL DRAW A MEADOW by Ruther Lercher Bornstein


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I'll draw a meadow with grass and a tree, a meadow with a rising sun, a meadow with people. . . ."" But these pictures don't look like a child's drawings and there aren't any people in them except for the little girl who is presumably thinking this, and who appears throughout with her (unintentionally) ghostlike white dog. She also plans to draw a mountain and an ocean, both of these with people also, and she imagines someone calling over the mountain and someone looking back at her across the sea. Clearly intended as a poetic reverie, this is mostly a banal list of the proposed subjects of the drawings (a rainbow, waves, and tides), trimmed with pseudo-evocative repetitions: ""and under the meadow [or the ocean. . . or the mountain] is dark.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1979
Publisher: Harper & Row