HIGH COUNTRY by Rutherford Montgomery


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In Annabel's Tales of a Big Game Guide, illustrated from photographs (Spring, 1938) Derrydale took us off to the wilds of Alaska. In High Country we again go west, this time to the Rockies and find once more the adventure and freedom of the great open spaces. The reader almost feels the rareness of the Colorado air, the relaxation at the end of the day as men and guide roll up in their blankets, the tingling excitement as they wake in the chilly morning ravenous for brook trout sizzling to a crisp golden brown. It is different, but so is life in the west and for thsi reason should have an excellent sale. Men who have hunted or fished there will love to renew the thrill, while those who only know the east have a treat in store for them. The Governor of Colorado, the sheriff, the doctor, the big executive and good old Bill and his bottle of Bourbon, Tex, the wrangler and quaint Hopi Joe, the faithful, superstitious, pathetic Indian, make lovable companions for the stiff trips through rough trails. Bound in terra cotta linen, with label.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1938
Publisher: Derrydale