TAN'S FISH by Ruthven Todd
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In the city of Canton lives Tan. Ever since Tan was seven years old, he has had one consuming interest --- tropical fish. Devotedly collecting aquarium and pets, Tan dreams of the day when he will be old enough to become a member of the Cathay Aquarists, but for this he thinks, he must wait until he is twenty one, many, many years away. While he waits he continues his explorations of local streams and one day comes upon a new species, the White Cloud Fish. In only a few moons, the fish is named ""Tan's Fish"" and Tan not only becomes a member of the Aquarists, but teaches its venerable members a very important lesson. Illustrated by the author, this story not only is pleasing in itself, catching in its simple poetic style an authentically Chinese flavor, but it serves as a stimulating hobby book.

Pub Date: Sept. 22nd, 1958
Publisher: Little, Brown