PRETTY LESLIE by R.V. assill


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A leterminedly ""psychologically oriented"" novel, Pretty Leslie is a story about a foredoomed, disintegrating marriage. Ben and Leslie Daniels have been married four years and have lived for two years in Illinois where they have ""escaped"" the N.Y. rat race and where Ben is succeeding as a pediatrician. Leslie, graduate of the Ivy League, the Village, and the publishing world, is a seemingly predictable example of the intelligent, upper middle-class, suburban wife. Her noticeable difficulty, however, is that she has an inclination towards incorporating her fantasies into real life. On the other hand, Ben, apparently placid, ""understanding"", and the sensible one, harbors a terrible secret, even from his wife -- when he was nine he murdered another boy. The psychic drama of their lives unwinds and unwinds until Leslie, pregnant, runs away. Ben then kills her sadistic lover, planning later to kill himself. Intense, and unpleasantly effective.

Pub Date: May 17th, 1963
Publisher: Simon & Schuster