WALT FRAZIER by S. H. Burchard


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. . . there were many fights. Brad had his front teeth knocked out. He did not mind when he was knocked down by a fair body check. That was part of the game. But if someone hit him too hard. . . then there would be war on the ice."" Just so, and if seeing the facts set down with pre-primer terseness (not to mention toothless Brad grinning out of the accompanying photo) is a bit disconcerting, one must concede that this qualifies as grist for the high interest/low vocabulary mill. Likewise. . . ""Clyde"" Frazier who ""is known as the best thief in basketball. . . . The crowds love to watch Walt in action"" and who ""has about 30 suits, 12 pairs of shoes, and a $5,000 mink coat."" And Bob Griese. . . pale by comparison and mostly the vehicle for the working out of the Miami Dolphins destiny. Photo-illustrated, and including a mixture of baby photos and babyish drawings, these run a steep $4.95 each, but have an odds-on chance with the beginner who won't look at anything else.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1975
Publisher: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich