THE RISING GORGE by S. J. Perelman


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A fine clutch of Porelmanda, this new collection of the Old Master's magazine pieces includes his defintitve articles on Mothmusik, his commanding series on African travel and his exquisite Califorania and Floridian sketches, together with many other unquestionably brilliant in and bile. This remarkable combination of sportsman, scholar, poet and peasant (his own words) who is by turns a craven and a bully displays every facet of his fractured personality whether in his iridescent playlets, his spine-tingling adventures, his rakish or his incomparable biographical With rhetoric that neither withers nor stales, he keeps the English language in adamant subjugation, his material under whiplash servitude and his permanent amazement. To put it gently, a book for the ages......

Publisher: Simon & Schuster