JOBMANSHIP: How to Get Ahead b)' ""Psyching Out"" Your Boss & Co-Workers by S. R. Redford

JOBMANSHIP: How to Get Ahead b)' ""Psyching Out"" Your Boss & Co-Workers

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A practical but distasteful collection of tips on how to succeed in business by really trying. The compilation is primarily the handiwork of Shirley Sloan Fader, who writes the Jobmanship column for Family Weekly magazine. Her also pseudonymous collaborator is an associate professor of management at an unnamed university and an apparently successful business consultant. On the plus side. the book's jargon-free text maps straight-ahead routes to and through organizational hierarchies. Covered are such subjects as coping with gabby, irrational, and indecisive colleagues or bosses as well as self-promotional strategies. There's also advice for supervisors on how to deal with, among others, the so-called it-won't-work employee, rumor-mongerers, and all sorts of hostile rivals. Winding up, the authors provide pragmatic recommendations on landing a good job that might have come from the pages of The Organization Man. The assumptions are that, with a little bit of luck, interviewers can be had not only at the application and personality-profile level but also in face-to-face meetings. An informative, if depressing, catechism for those in the corporate pool.

Pub Date: Jan. 3rd, 1978
Publisher: Macmillan