A LIFE AFTER DEATH by S. Ralph Harlow


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Based on his own considerable experiences, and the attempt to show that the ""affirmations we make by faith are supported by facts"", Dr. Harlow, a former professor and minister, examines evidence which leads to belief in personal survival. And for the general reader his inquiry into paranormal phenomena is more accessible than Gardner Murphy's Challenge of Psychical Research, (Harper, p. 985) which concentrates on the most infallible scientific evidence available. Harlow's own interest in the field began more than fifty years age- his sister Anna showed an unusual psychic sensitivity (apparitions and apports) and he had several experiences of his own. He attended many seances of the widely discussed Boston medium- Margery; he records the amazing story of Patience Worth, to whom Elizabethan poetry and three novels came over the Ouija board of a St. Louis housewife with an 8th grade education; he studied-originally- under William James, and continued an acquaintance with Sherwood Eddy, the Reverend Arthur Ford, etc. and he explores here various aspects of telepathy- death- reincarnation- spiritual healing-dreams.... Hoax? Hallucination? Coincidence?-certainly there's more than just that to persuade the more skeptical, and Harlow's approach, within the framework of the Christian faith, strengthens the possibility of orthodox belief in the foreverafter.

Pub Date: Feb. 17th, 1960
Publisher: Doubleday