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by Sahtinay Abaza ; illustrated by Sandra Eide

Pub Date: March 15th, 2024
ISBN: 9781534113091
Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press

Sara and her sister eagerly look forward to their family’s Eid festivities.

Sara admires the dress she’ll wear at the upcoming Eid party, while her younger sister, Lulu, peeks out the window looking for the new crescent moon. The moon signifies major holidays in the Islamic calendar, such as the start of Eid, so Sara decides that she and Lulu will be the first to spot it. “Have fun!” Mom calls from the festively decorated living room as the sisters head outside with a flashlight, a blanket, and binoculars. The girls wait, scanning the night sky, until Mom calls them in. The moon has been spotted…but by someone else (backmatter explains that committees monitor the night sky in search of the hard-to-find moon). The girls go inside, disappointed that they didn’t catch the first glimpse. Sara finds a way to cheer up Lulu by creating a jar of “moon rocks” and coins, with a note from “the Eid Moon.” Drawing inspiration from her own childhood pastime, Abaza weaves a tale about the importance of the lunar calendar. Eide’s softly rounded illustrations capture the warmth of a loving family and a close sisterly bond. In the author’s note, Abaza states that the lunar calendar influences the timing of holidays and mentions her own Syrian heritage; she wraps up with words of encouragement for children confronting war and injustice. Sara and her family are light-skinned.

Tender and heartwarming.

(Picture book. 4-8)