BORN TO BATTLE by Sallie Chesham


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You can't preach to a man on an empty stomach,"" exclaimed William Booth, and promptly proceeded to open the first Salvation Army shelter home in 19th century London. He was initiating what was to become one of the largest social-religious movements in the world. Today the Army has more than 2,000,000 workers, service in 69 countries, and is heard in 162 languages and dialects. Perhaps no other church is so militant in its social work or has such a variety of bastions, from homes for unmarried mothers to mobile canteens. Nor does any other church have the unique outlook of the Army, judging every member a fighting soldier personally called by God. This is a short history for the lay reader, inspirational in intent and tending towards over- simplification and excessive enthusiasm. Its treatment of Army history is not as sophisticated or as comprehensive as in Richard Coller's recent The General Next to God (Dutton -- p. 408).

Publisher: Rand McNally