THE MAGIC HORSE by Sally--Adapt. & Illus. Scott
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Scott, author/illustrator of Elf King's Bride, offers a retelling of this Persian fairy tale adorned with her rich paintings, done in the style of Persian miniatures. When a wizard offers a Persian king a magic horse (carved out of ebony and inlaid with gold and jewels, which will take whoever mounts it ""anywhere he chooses and in no time at all""), he demands in exchange the princess' hand in marriage. The prince wants to protect his sister, who is ""as young and beautiful as the crescent moon,"" from marrying the old and ugly wizard, and goes to the king to interfere, much to the anger of the wizard. Taken with the magic horse, the prince jumps onto it and they soar off into the skies. He lands at a palace where he meets and falls in love with another beautiful princess, and he takes her home to marry him, but the wizard soon steals her away on the horse. She is rescued from the wizard by a brave sultan, who then decides he wants to marry her. The princess feigns madness in order to keep the sultan away. from her, but she is ""cured"" when the prince finds her and they escape on the horse to return to the prince's home, where they finally marry. To ensure that they all live happily ever after, the wise king destroys the magic horse, which seems to have been the cause of all their problems. Told in the lyrical language of fairy tales, this story will ""in no time at all"" take young readers on an enchanted trip to faraway lands.

Pub Date: March 17th, 1986
Publisher: Greenwillow