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A FATAL FLEECE by Sally Goldenbaum


by Sally Goldenbaum

Pub Date: May 1st, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-451-23675-3
Publisher: Obsidian

Yet another homicide disturbs the peace of lovely Sea Harbor, Mass.

Semi-retired Nell Endicott; her niece Izzy Perry, newly married owner of a knitting shop; lobster fisherwoman Cass Halloran; and wealthy, generous older lady Birdie Favazza are the Seaside Knitters. Despite their age differences and disparate lifestyles, these ladies are close friends with an impressive track record for solving murders (The Wedding Shawl, 2011, etc.). This time they get involved in the death of Finnegan, an old friend who owns a great piece of seaside property he’s let go to seed since the death of his beloved wife, Moira. Many are fed up with the waist-high weeds and decrepit buildings, but Finnegan refuses to sell. Lately he’s taken Gabby Marietti, Birdie’s newly discovered granddaughter, under his wing while ignoring his own daughter Beverly, an artist who’s recently returned to town. So many people are after Finnegan’s property that when he’s found murdered, there’s a long list of suspects: Beverly, who expected to inherit; Gabby’s uncle, who’s seen sneaking onto the property; a builder who’s been outspoken in his efforts to get the land; and even Cass, the surprise beneficiary of Finnegan’s will. The knitters must use all their skills and local knowledge to solve a case that cuts too close to home.

Another enjoyable visit with the ladies. The mystery may not be very challenging, but there’s lazy seaside charm, food tips and the obligatory knitting project for those so inclined.