THE SALLY STRUTHERS NATURAL BEAUTY BOOK by Sally; Joyce Virtue with Jane Wilkie Struthers


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A chirpy introduction to natural concoctions using ingredients found largely in health food stores and herbal houses. Sally Struthers jabbers easily about the usual topics -- pores opening and closing to hot and cold water, alcohol and sunshine accelerating aging -- but also speaks up for plastic surgeries: she had her first at age 24. Collaborator Joyce Virtue, whose credentials include a doctorate in Naturopathy, is the source for most of this refrigerated wisdom: She created the skin shake (blenderized kefir, debittered brewers' yeast, raw egg, fruit) and borrowed the healthy heart formula (brewers' yeast, lecithin, wheat germ, bone meal). Together they discuss skin and hair care, regular exercise, good eating habits, and careful use of makeup, promising ""fantastic"" results -- much like previously available books on these subjects. Even Struthers admits readers must pick and choose among the too-many recipes and procedures, but the real problem is larger -- the conversational prose wears thin very quickly. For the susceptible, then, and diehard All in the Family fans.

Pub Date: Sept. 7th, 1979
Publisher: Doubleday