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Lucy heads off to dreamland with her trusted friend Seymour.

It’s nighttime and Lucy the rabbit heads off to bed, bringing along her good pal, Seymour the cat, to keep her company. Though it’s time to rest, Lucy and Seymour still crave adventure, so the pair heads off on a series of imaginary explorations. They take a space ride, perform a ballet on a grand stage, cruise the country on a cool motorcycle, dive under the sea to check out the ocean creatures and experience the wilds of the jungle. The text couldn’t be simpler–Lee keeps the writing succinct, with a total word count just under 120. That’s just fine, as this tale doesn’t need florid writing to make an impact. The story comes alive thanks to Lee’s bold, color-saturated pictures, each of which can serve as a launching pad for conversations about dreams and playing pretend. Color is key to the success of this work, and it seeps into all aspects of the book–even the minimal text is framed by turquoise polka dots and other thematically appropriate artwork. Lee’s third book in the Lucy series (Lucy and Seymour’s Circus, 2007, etc.) is another wonderful effort from this talented author and illustrator. She is an artist first and foremost–drawing children into her world of smiling leopards and rainbow-colored butterflies with her evocative visuals. The energetic, inquisitive rabbit is the type of rich character who will no doubt take on dozens of “hare-raising” journeys, leaving the door wide open for more adventures.

Charming illustrations make this story a sweet bedtime treat.

Pub Date: July 27th, 2007
ISBN: 978-1-4196-7238-5
Program: Kirkus Indie
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