THE HARPER BOOK OF PRINCES by Sally Patrick-Ed.; Illus. Janina Domanska Johnson


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Classified by the publisher as fiction for all ages, this collection of fairy tales will be most appreciated by young children whose parents read aloud. All the hard-to-come-by tales involve the training or testing of a prince and many utilize the magical devices and personages by which great feats have been performed since earliest storytelling. The twelve stories include those by authors of such renown as A. A. Milne and Oscar Wilde. Only Prince Ahmed by Washington Irving has been abridged, with deletions and substitutions of modern words for old. The more sophisticated reader may enjoy the satire and social commentary, less obvious to the younger reader or listener. In addition to Prince Ahmed, the book contains: Prince Rabbit by A. A. Milne; The Demon with the Matted Hair by Joseph Jacobs; The Magician's Heart by E. Nesbit; The Magic Sandals by Ethel May Gate; The Heart of Princess Joan by Mary de Morgan; Prince Hassa's March by Frank R. Stockton; The Crystal Bowl by Susanne K. Langer; Rocking-Horse Land by Laurence Housman; The Prince and the Goose Girl by Elinor Mordaunt; Prince Prigio by Andrew Lang; and The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde. There is a brief introduction as well as an excellent set of notes on the individual authors.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1964
Publisher: Harper & Row