GARDENING: A New World for Children by Sally Wright

GARDENING: A New World for Children

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This is quite definitely directed to an adult market- parents and teachers who yearn to capture the interest of children in gardening and are at a loss for original and dramatic ideas that might succeed, where the usual approach fails. It is not a how- to book; only about a dozen pages are given to the techniques. With that understanding clear, the inquiring adult may find the answers to his problems here. Certainly the approach is varied and original, including as it does a variety of kinds of specialized gardens:- a picnic garden, a pet and wildlife garden, a cook's garden, a garden to provide the wherewithal for making flower dolls, necklaces, bouquets, corsages; for insuring appealing scents; for meeting the competitive urge in growing freaks, producing the earliest or the latest something or other. Pocket money provides another urge. The young scientist may be captivated by soil testing, hydroponics, grafting, cross pollination. Hobbies may find new outlets in flower photography, making dried arrangements, growing miniature gardens, terrariums, gourds. There's a provocative bibliography- but again for adults. Special.

Pub Date: June 25th, 1957
Publisher: Macmillan