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Education Reimagined

by Salman Khan

Pub Date: Oct. 2nd, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-4555-0838-9
Publisher: Twelve

An exciting concept for reforming education.

In today's society, most students learn a variety of subjects primarily by lectures, with the goal of passing certain standardized tests before moving on to another series of subjects. Former hedge fund analyst Khan questioned this educational model, believing it did nothing to show true mastery of a topic. Candidly and enthusiastically, he details how he originally started what is now known as the Khan Academy by creating a series of YouTube videos to help his cousin with her understanding of math. Supported by Google and The Gates Foundation, those videos have evolved at the Khan Academy website to cover math, science, history and art, among other subjects. They have been used by millions around the world. Khan believes in using modern technology via individual video learning with assessments based on a solid understanding of a theme. Students spend classroom time among peers and talented teachers, who help them reach certain levels of comprehension before progressing to the next level of learning. The author stresses the concept that all subjects are interrelated and that learning should be self-paced and self-motivated with mixed age groups helping one another. He includes in-depth analysis of the most common educational models (lectures and testing for certain topics) and compares it to his methods. Khan's excitement is palpable as he imagines future schoolrooms as sources of "true creativity" where "mistakes are allowed, tangents are encouraged, and big thinking is celebrated as a process.” His hope is that modern technology and his videos will allow access to a free education to anyone, young or old, around the world.

A fresh, welcome approach to education.