HIDDEN FACES by Salvador Dali


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A decadent novel of pre-war France, projected to an imaginary future of post-war France, written by a man who -- known hitherto as an artist, now bears out in this strange and morbid end introverted novel, his own claim that he has inherited the of the Marquis de Sade. His characters are incredible: -- Grandsailles, gourmet, despot, demanding that his senses be gratified on his own terms, who only briefly in the war, found something greater than himself; Solange de Cleda, who worshipped him -- and always made the wrong gesture; Veronica and Betka, perverts, in relation both to their own and the opposite sex; Baba -- or Randolph -- aviator with the hidden face. It is a symbolic book -- tortured, distorted, accusing, pornographic.

Publisher: Dial