OTHER'S BLUE HEN by Sam Anderson


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A fond, family-styled account of antiquing down on the Delta begins, just before the '40's, when Mother found a fifty year old Blue Hen- a symbol of beginner's luck she went on to try. Mrs. Anderson, whose go-getting instincts were sharply developed, soon filled the house with clutter, a flowered pot de chambre in the bathroom, a monstrous lamp on the sunporch. A wrought iron fence cost Dad an ankle, and the discovery of one true collector's item (a Heppelwhite secretary for which she refused a New York offer) incurred a dog bite. But, by the close, as the rains wash out a cotton crop and there's the question of Sam's first year at college, Mother holds an auction and clears out the house for just short of three thousand dollars..... Burbling, and sometimes busting out with exclamatory exuberance (""Heavens to Betsy Ross"") this is not for a connoisseur clientele, but neither was Mrs. Anderson's.

Pub Date: July 15th, 1963
Publisher: Dodd, Mead