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by Sam D.Ray East

Pub Date: June 8th, 2012
ISBN: 978-0985681609
Publisher: PRAMITA

In this debut YA novel, a young girl travels to a new world and takes part in a fantastical adventure.

Amy is an awkward, lonely 15-year-old, living in Brooklyn with her alcoholic stepfather. A turn of events takes her into the land of Voluspa, a magical yet strangely high-tech realm. Once there, she forms a dangerous crush on Drake, son of Ian McGrizzle, the Head Clan leader. Each of the four clans that comprise Voluspa has their own distinct powers: Drake’s Morphus clan shape-shifts, Amy’s Empath clan can read minds and teleport, while the Pulchrous warriors have superior strength and stamina, and the Mendens can heal with a touch or a potion. Amy and Drake’s attraction is strictly forbidden because they’re members of different clans, so, to keep her mind off the taboo love, Amy develops her Empath powers and starts searching for her family. Ultimately, these two quests collide and lead to deep mysteries, dangerous adventures, and new friendships with Jacek, Sonja and Amilio. Although the setup seems exciting, the slow read is filled with flat characters, grammatical errors and confusing timelines. Hampering the story further is a surplus of jumbled, derivative concepts and themes, which will be overly familiar to fans of the genre. There are also several sexually charged moments that are suitable for adults but inappropriate for young readers. The core story has potential, though, particularly with the authors’ injection of Hindu philosophies on life and war.

In need of a cleaner presentation and denser, more relatable characters.